Are responsible operators worth it?

When booking a holiday, what do you normally look for? Price? Location? The type of tour operator? Activities? There’s so many factors we can consider as travellers to create a perfect holiday. Sometimes as travellers, we may consider cheaper options as more convenient. However, cheaper holidays may not always be the best option. Spending that little bit extra  by booking with a responsible tour operator for your next getaway will have many benefits, not only for you, but for the local community, environment and economy. Here are five key benefits that result from you travelling with a responsible tour operator!

1. Fighting poverty!


Many responsible tour operators aim to contribute to local businesses and create opportunities for the community at a grassroot level. This is done through shopping at local businesses, employing local employees and contributing to local charities. By making sure your money is spent in the developing country you visit, you can make a lasting difference in the lives of the people you meet which will empower them to change their circumstances and over time, with hard work and dedication, move them and their families out of poverty.

2. Cultural and environmental respect!


By booking with a responsible tour operator, all your activities will respect the environment you are in and the culture that is present. A responsible tour operator works to provide a once in a lifetime experience without compromising the cultural or environmental integrity of a destination. By booking with a responsible tour operator, it allows tourists to enjoy their experience without the stress of worrying about their environmental and cultural impact. A stress-free holiday that positively impacts the destination? Count me in!

3. Conservation!


Conservation efforts are often carried out by responsible tour operators within their tours, through funding and actively engaging in conservation projects. These projects aim to educate tourists, minimise animal cruelty and protect endangers animals. By booking with a responsible tour operator you will be contributing to the conservation efforts made by these companies.

4. Limiting environmental footprint!


Responsible tour operators participate in activities such as minimising waste and electricity usage, reducing pollution and minimising their environmental footprint. For example, Adventure Out Loud have banned disposable plastic water bottles from our tours and we fine adventures US$5 if they are caught with a disposable water bottle (fines go to conservation efforts). We also encourage customers to carbon offset their flights. By travelling with a responsible tour operator who tries to limit their environmental footprint through multiple channels, you are positively contributing to the environment you are visiting.

5. Enhanced quality of life!


Studies have found that responsible tourism practices improve the local community’s physical well-being, emotional well-being, health and safety. Responsible tourism also makes a destination more competitive, which in turn provides economic benefits by creating more local jobs as tourist arrivals increase. By participating in responsible tourism you are positively contributing to the quality of life of the people who call that destination home.

If you have the opportunity to travel, you should only consider a responsible tour operator. Responsible tour operators provide you with a once in a lifetime experiences, and greatly benefit the destination visit and people you meet during your adventure.

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