We donate 50% of our profits to local charities & initiatives. We also connect our adventurers to charities they can trust and in our first three years of awesome, our community of adventurers have…


“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Gandhi


Adventure Out Loud is a responsible tourism provider. This means that we place the same emphasis on improving the places we visit as we do on making a profit. 

Our team is passionate about everything that makes the world a better place. From small things like picking up rubbish when we trek to the way we run our tours and our business, doing the right thing is at our core and we do not compromise.

Two causes that are dear to our heart and form part of our DNA as an organisation are education and conservation. These are the two primary causes that we focus on as a company.

“One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world.”

– Malala Yousafzai


In 2015, Nate was volunteering in Kenya when he met a young man who had just graduated from Secondary School. Jacob lost both of his parents when he was 12 and ran away from his Aunty to continue his dream of completing school. 

Arriving in Nairobi, Jacob found himself living in East Africa’s largest slum, Kibera. He found a school that offered scholarships to bright students and after persuading the guard that he was a relative of the Head Mistress (a complete lie), Jacob promptly walked into the Head Mistress’ office and said, “I’ll be the best and smartest student in your school if you give me a chance.” Four years later he was and we met Jacob when he was volunteering at the Mirror of Hope, awaiting his final results. 

We were so impressed by Jacob’s hard work and determination that we decided to offer him a loan to continue his university studies and in 2019, Jacob graduated from university with a Bachelors of Economics. Once Jacob gets a full time job, he will begin to repay his loan so that another student can also go to university. 

If Jacob looks familiar, it is because our logo was inspired by a picture of Nate and Jacob that was taken during our first Kilimanjaro trek. 

“Imagine if every one of the 62.5 million tourists visiting Africa each year sponsored a student…”

– Nate Taiaroa (Founder: Adventure Out Loud)


In 2017, UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring Report found that 264 million children were not in school. 111 million of these children live in Africa. We are not ok with this! 

We’ve made it our mission to ensure that every African child has access to an education. The way we’re doing this is by donating 50% of our profits to local charities and initiatives and by inspiring our adventurers to sponsor disadvantaged children through school.

To make the experience more authentic, we take our adventurers to meet the student they are sponsoring, visit their family and cook lunch in their home. Our adventurers experience something special that they’ll rave about for years while an African child gets an opportunity to change their life.

Imagine if every one of the 62.5 million tourists visiting Africa each year sponsored a student…



A heart-warming, grass-roots organisation working hard to empower vulnerable children and women living in Africa’s largest urban slum through a range of education and micro-finance initiatives.

Founded in 2010, MOH’s primary objective is to empower their members to take control of their lives and one day move out of Kibera Slum.

We love that 100% of the money donated for sponsorship goes directly to education and each year a sponsorship acquittal statements is provided for transparency. Sponsorship starts at $20/week.

You can also support the Women’s Empowerment Program, staff salaries, the school holiday programs or overhead costs.


6 Oct - 3 Nov 2019

Adventure Out Loud is proud to be an official sponsor of MOH’s Australian tour and we’re so excited to have Tommy, the Founder, here again this year. We’d like to invite you to join us at a fundraising events or by hosting your own event. Please contact us us for details. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

– Nelson Mandela



An Australian based charity providing a high-quality, free education for 1,800 disadvantaged Tanzanian students. St Jude is the charity that our founder, Nate, volunteered at from 2013 – 2015 and we have continued to support St Jude for more than 6 years because of the fantastic results they have achieved. Most recently, a survey conducted by St Jude found that more than 80% of the families of St Jude graduates are no longer living in poverty.

Tax deductibility is available in Australia and sponsorship starts from $60/month. 

Unhappy with the education provided in his home village of Bospo, Saveth Sun founded KNGO to provide a supplementary education in Khmer literacy, mathematics, English literacy, computer programming, primary health education, community environmental awareness and vocational skills training for children and youth living in Bospo. Saveth’s dream was to reduce poverty of children and youth in Cambodia througheducation.

Today, KNGO, a registered charity in Australia, is successfully educating more than 450 students and very shortly their first 2 students will finish dentistry. Tax deductibility is available in Australia and classroom sponsorship starts at $40/month.

“Distance has often been used as a way to dilute the human-ness of Africa’s troubles. As a result, stories are often told about the millions and the masses, rather than the individuals.” But children are children, all across the world, and they all have a right to go to school.”

– Sally Sara (Author: Gogo Mama)


Scientists estimate that 150-200 species of plant, insect, bird and mammal become extinct every 24 hours. 

There is no doubt that our planet is under attack and adventure and exploration without nature sounds pretty glum. We cannot reverse the damage that has been done overnight and it will be a battle but we can take responsibility for reducing the negative impact we have on the planet as individuals and as an organisation. 

Some of the ways we do this is by:

  • Banning disposable plastic water bottles on our adventures
  • Encouraging our adventurers to offset their carbon emissions
  • Offsetting our carbon emissions as an organisation
  • Purchasing eco-friendly and sustainable products
  • Using sustainable accommodation and tourism providers where possible

To find out more, refer to our responsibility framework here.




Founded in 1977, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has become the most successful orphan-elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world. On average, 1 elephant is killed every 26 minutes in Africa and this projectplays a vital educational and fundraising role in saving the worlds largest land animal.

Sponsorship starts at just US$50/year and we visit the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage as part of most of our East African adventures. 

The African Fund for Endangered Wildlife is fighting hard to conserve the Rothschild giraffe. With less than 300 of these magnificent animals remaining in the wild, this centre plays a vital educational and fundraising role and 90% of the money collected from entrance fees is used for conservational activities.

We visit the giraffe centre as part of most of our East African adventures, you’ll visit and feed the giraffes. 


Why education?

Education empowers the recipient to solve their own problems. It is a hand up, not a hand out. Educated Africans have higher paying jobs, less kids and can afford to support their families. They are also less likely to vote for corrupt politicians and more likely to stand up for their rights.

Is it more important to educate girls?

Girls often miss out on education in Africa. Many are married shortly after puberty, meaning their husband’s family benefit from their education, not their parent’s family. Because education is expensive, some parents prefer to spend their money to educate their sons. 

We believe that every child has a right to an education and do not discriminate based on gender. We are however proud that 60% of the students we’ve sponsored because education empowers women to make their own decisions about when they will marry and have children, and provides them with financially independence. 

How are charities selected?

We strongly believe in empowering local people to solve their own problems. By giving them a hand up, not a hand out, we believe we are making a sustainable difference in disadvantaged communities. That is why we primarily support educational charities.

We only support charities who:
– We have visited;
– We believe in;
– Transparently report the use of funds; and
– Our team personally support, donate to or sponsor at.

Where do donations get spent?

All donations / sponsorships go directly to the charity you selected. Adventure Out Loud does not take any commissions or charge any administration fees.

You work hard for your money and expect it to be used effectively. We expect the same which is why we are extremely selective with the charities we support.

How do I know my money is being used the way I want?

We take you to visit the charity you are supporting and meet the student you are sponsoring. This way, you can experience the difference you are making and see the impact your money is having.