Hiring equipment is relatively cheap and easy in Tanzania. Once we check your gear, our team will take you to a hire shop where you can hire anything you don’t have. Payment is by cash upon hiring and after your climb, we’ll return the items for you.

Please note that hire shops often do not maintain their equipment so there is no guarantee the item you are hiring will be water proof or warm. We recommend you buy or hire a few essential items to manage this risk.

hire list

 Item – per piece/pairPrice (USD) Notes
Trekking poles (pair)$10 Recommended for older or less fit trekkers.
Boots (pair)$20 Cannot guarantee they’ll be waterproof. Best to  bring your own.
Thermal underwear (piece)$5 Bring at least 1 good pair from home.
Trekking pants (piece)$10 
Fleece jacket (piece)$5 
Down jacket (piece)$15 
Rain jacket (piece)$10 
Rain trouser (piece)$10 
Hard shell jacket (piece)$10 
Hard shell pant (piece)$10 
Headlamp (piece)$10Bring your own batteries.
Warm beanie (piece)$5 
Balaclava (piece)$5 
Sun hat (piece)$5 
Pair of inner gloves (pair)$5 
Gloves/mittens (pair)$5 
Trekking backpack (20-40 litre)$20 
Large duffle bag (50-70 litre)$20 
Warm sleeping bag$25Must bring your own thermal bag liner.
Gaiters (pair)$10