Our “Life Out Loud” Club is specifically designed to help you remember and implement changes you want in your lives.

During your recent adventure, you met so many amazing people, pushed your boundaries further than you thought possible and felt & experienced things you didn’t know were possible. Now you are inspired to make the world a better place, starting with making positive changes in your life. We want to help you do this.

As a member of the “Life Out Loud” Club, we ask you to record 3 key things you learnt from your adventure. We also ask to record and commit to 3 actions that you want to take/make as a result of learning this new lesson.

While, you are responsible for driving these actions and implementing the changes in your life and the world that you want to see, Adventure Out Loud help you by holding you accountable. The way we do this is by touching base 3 months, 6 months and 12 months after your adventure to discuss the key learnings and actions that you identified after your adventure. 

This is a completely free service that we offer. We love helping our adventurers to become the difference they want to be. We believe that making small changes in our lives can make a big difference in the world and what better way to do this than through adventure. 



Please make your actions SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely) and concise.

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Example learnings:

  • Happiness doesn’t come from what you have (i.e. from material things).
  • If I 100% commit to myself or to an intention, I’m able to achieve anything I want.
  • Assisting someone in a massive way doesn’t require a lot from me.
  • For very little effort I can achieve so much for other people.
  • When I give I receive 10 fold in return.
  • Life is more simple than I thought.

Example actions:

  • I want to reduce the number of possessions I have by selling the ones I don’t use and donating the money to charity to raise at least $____.
  • I am going to challenge myself more by trying 1 new and difficult activity/experience each week.
  • I am going to spread the word about ______ charity to all of my family and friends and find 5 new sponsors by the end of the year.
  • I am going to donate more of my time to charity by volunteering once a month.
  • I am going to take responsibility for my life and actions by keeping things simple and not over-reacting to things outside of my control.
  • I am going to stop stressing about things that I cannot control.

Why adventure with us?

  • All inclusive tours
  • 24/7 Experienced Western guides who have lived in-country
  • Make a difference whilst travelling
  • Authentic and challenging adventures
  • Connection to community, culture & charity

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