Godson "Kichaa" Joseph

Assistant Guide


“If you want to remember my name:

  1. Think of Jesus, the son of god or Godson; and
  2. Think of God’s son’s father, Joseph”

will undoubtedly be one of the first things “Kichaa” (Swahili for crazy) says when you meet him.

One of 2 boys born to Maasai parents, Godson was fortunate to receive a scholarship to The School of St Jude. Originally dreaming of becoming a doctor, Godson found his calling working with visitors and upon graduation decided to become a safari guide. 

Born with the ‘gift of the gab’, Godson will have you rolling around in hysterics as he theatrically describes life in Tanzania. 


2016 - Present
Assistant Guide - Adventure Out Loud
2017 - Present
Certificate of Tour Guide Management and Driving - Tropical Centre Institute Limited
2016 - 2017
Chef Apprenticeship - Panorama Safari Camp
2002 - 2015
Student - The School of St Jude


Comedic value100%
Maasai culture100%
Adventure guiding80%

God-son, the self-proclaimed son of god, is sure to have you rolling around in fits of laughter from day 1.

Contact Info

Email : info@adventureoutloud.me